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"Freeing New Jersey periods, one college at a time"

It's Period Poverty Awareness Week!

Flow Forward is hosting events throughout the week! Head over to our Linktree to get more information and check out our Instagram and Facebook for our daily posts on period poverty.

MAY 26th 7PM EST: Menstruation Movie Night

MAY 28th 7PM EST: Menstrual Hygiene Day Game Night

EVERY DAY new podcast miniseries episodes, giveaways, and more!

What is Flow Forward?

Flow Forward, formerly Project Period, was started in January of 2022 by two passionate Rowan University students. They heard the struggles of other students when it came to accessing menstrual products on campus and wanted to make products more accessible. They crafted three pillars: ACCESSIBILITY, EDUCATION, and SUSTAINABILITY. These pillars drive their actions as they expand to new campuses in New Jersey.


Accessibility, Education, and Sustainability



Advocacy does not immediately fix the problem. While advocating, we distribute free products to those in need. We work with companies across the globe to bring products, which are often reusable, to students. This helps alleviate the monthly financial strain that menstruating can put on college students, who are already stressed enough!



In addition to providing products, we educate people on a variety of matters, including on general mensuration and how to use new types of products. Many people are hesitant to make the switch to a new product due to the lack of education around use. Education on menstruation can also dismantle harmful stigma that prevents change from happening.

Hygiene Products


Here at Flow Forward, we are environmentally conscious and aim to reduce menstruators impact on the Earth! While we do distribute disposables, we promote reusable and environmentally-friendly options where we can. We are reuse-positive people and hope to help people and the environment through reusable products.


Recent Blog Posts

While we primarily work in New Jersey, we are dedicated to sharing the stories and voices of menstruators around the globe. See what we are talking about below!

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